CityNew York, USA
ManagerMickey Callaway
ArenaCiti Field
Capacity45 000


The New York Mets are a professional baseball franchise from New York City borough of Queens. The Mets compete in MLB as a member club of the National League East division. The Mets are one of the two Major League Baseball teams based in New York City, the other is the New York Yankees of the American League. One of MLB's first expansion team, the Mets established in 1962 to replace New York's departed National League teams, the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants. In their 1962 inaugural season, the Mets posted a record of 40–120, the worst regular season record since MLB went to a 162-game schedule (two games were canceled). The team never finished better than second to last until the 1969 "Miracle Mets" beat the Baltimore Orioles in the 1969 MLB World Series in what is considered one of the biggest upsets in World Series history. Since then, they have played in four additional World Series, including a dramatic run in '73 that ended up in a seven-game loss to the Oakland Athletics, a 2nd championship in 1986 over the Boston Red Sox, a Subway Series loss against the New York Yankees in 2000, and a five-game loss to the Kansas City Royals in 2015.


-Michael ConfortoRight Field
-Brandon NimmoCenter Field
-Juan LagaresCenter Field
-Rajai DavisCenter Field
-Luis GuillormeShortstop
-Amed RosarioShortstop
-J.D. DavisThird Base
-Todd FrazierThird Base
-Jed LowrieSecond Base
-Joe PanikSecond Base
-Sam HaggertySecond Base
-Robinson CanoSecond Base
-Dominic SmithFirst Base
-Pete AlonsoFirst Base
-Wilson RamosCatcher
-Rene RiveraCatcher
-Tomas NidoCatcher
-Luis AvilanPitcher
-Brad BrachPitcher
-Justin WilsonPitcher
-Donnie HartPitcher
-Marcus StromanPitcher
-Edwin DiazPitcher
-Seth LugoPitcher
-Robert GsellmanPitcher
-Chris MazzaPitcher
-Daniel ZamoraPitcher
-Corey OswaltPitcher
-Drew GagnonPitcher
-Paul SewaldPitcher
-Jacob deGromPitcher
-Noah SyndergaardPitcher
-Zack WheelerPitcher
-Steven MatzPitcher
-Walker LockettPitcher
-Chris FlexenPitcher
-Franklyn KiloméPitcher
-Stephen NogosekPitcher
-Tyler BashlorPitcher
-Jeurys FamiliaPitcher

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